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Originally Posted by believer View Post
god is real,were do you think you come frome monkeys?,thats bs if you believe in evolution you should kno that everything that evolves it changes into something else right?,so if monkeys ivolved into human why are they still monkeys on earth they would have disappeared if they ivolved,all i kno is that god made me.
I'm a Christian, but I just want to point out that Charles Darwin didn't actually say we evolved from monkeys. That is a common misconception. What he really meant was that humans and monkeys are believed to have shared a common ancestor. (Look it up on any scientific website if you don't believe me.)
Science and religion can go hand in hand if used correctly. One isn't supposed to overpower the other.
Feel free to call me a hypocrite and basically make a spectacle of yourself after I make this statement...I believe in God and evolution. It's very ignorant to say that evolution didn't occur. There's proof of it all around us. But what I believe is that God created everything initially, and different species evolved on their own after that.
(My dad is very good friends with a Catholic priest who also shares the same opinion on this that I do. For the record, he doesn't believe that whole "Adam and Eve" story and neither do I. It just doesn't make sense.)

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