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Default Re: First Post, yada yada

I'm actually his big brother, Brad. Pleased to meet all of you. I guess I will be pretty popular around here, but you haven't seen me post yet. I take my posts very seriously, and people in other forums generally regard what I post as good stuff. And it's very hard to argue with me. And it has nothing to do with having an Admin for a little brother. Kinda bummed he didn't greet me, though. Maybe he doesn't check these forums that often or wasn't on yesterday? Anyway, sorry it took so long to reply, didn't expect that many "hellos" that fast. Anyway, I'll get a serious post going later, probably in regards to video games. And a few of you are going to hate me. Unless you all have the same opinion. In which case, you're ALL going to hate me, because I like to fight the odds when they're hopelessly out of my favor.

Plato once said there was a perfect form of everything -- a perfect dog, a perfect chair, a perfect man -- and that everything was a shadow of this one perfect form. Now, if we follow this line of thinking, that means that somewhere in the universe there is the perfect form of the perfect, absolute and complete idiot, and he left here an hour ago.

-- Gideon, Babylon 5
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