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god is real,were do you think you come frome monkeys?,thats bs if you believe in evolution you should kno that everything that evolves it changes into something else right?,so if monkeys ivolved into human why are they still monkeys on earth they would have disappeared if they ivolved,all i kno is that god made me.

and let me tell you something there whas allways free will thats why god gave adam and eve a choise to do what they wanted follow him and live forever or follow the devil and burn for eternity,but your brain is too small to believe whats true,you believe only what you see,but thats the test god gives you to see how mutch faith you really have.
this doesn't prove God is real. who created God? And how is that free will? This means you can choose not to follow God, but if you don't you'll be punished? You call that FREE WILL?
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