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Default Re: Sexual predator attraction Theory??

Root Causes

Many factors may contribute to family stress that results in child abuse or neglect. Understanding the root causes of abuse can help better determine the best methods of prevention and treatment. Most parents don't hurt or neglect their children intentionally. Many were themselves abused or neglected. Very young or inexperienced parents might not know how to take care of their babies or what they can reasonably expect from children at different stages of development. Circumstances that place families under extraordinary stress - for instance, poverty, divorce, sickness, disability - sometimes take their toll in child maltreatment. Parents who abuse alcohol or other drugs are more likely to abuse or neglect their children.
wikipedia, or CNN
ATLANTA (CNN) -- Experts say there is no greater risk factor for child abuse than a parent having been abused themselves either as a child or as an adult. One study estimates parents abused as children are 10 times more likely to abuse their own child. Yet little funding is directed toward preventing child abuse by identifying those parents at high risk.
It is very counter intuitive. But it isn't a guaranteed thing, and the opposite (what u described) does also happen where parent are afraid to punish their kids at all.

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