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Default Re: Mexico border issues (america)

what I care about is the fact that your leaving yourself vounerable in important areas such as ports and spending billions of dollars and allot of man power to protect low threat areas.
-I agree we should be a lot toughter on ports. But the border is a way that terrorist could easily (currently) get in, U are right though, the imigration issue is the bigger deal.
-There are many things that america has done to combat terrorism with things like the Patriot Act, homeleand security, better sharing of info between intelligence agencies (which wasn't before to stop an imballance of power), changes in the way money is handled didgitlay, and many secret programs.
(How could i know we have secret programs?, cuz the NYT has disclosed 2 already, which should be and is technicaly illegal.)

now your accusing my country of being a terrorist strong hold, thats just rude
Who's saying that ur country is a terrorist strong hold? are u talking about Newt? cuz he officaly oppoligized and said he was wrong.

yet your willing to spend billions securing boarders where no terrorists have come from
they definitely could, and as you have said, imigration is the larger issue there.

yet your willing to spend billions securing boarders where no terrorists have come from and even more to have military bases in some back water countries that most americans dont even know exist?
Some times the only way to keep peace is if every one else (most) knows that they can't possibly stand a chance agaist you. And why are they spread out? well its not good to have all of your money in one stock. Plus a quicker reaction time among other things.

hahaha your one to talk your saying all of Mexico is a heathonist country packed full of terrorists just itching to get into america so they can kill themselves and a few of you
-I never said anything about mexicans being terrorists, or heathens either. Maybe you should go back and read my post. It says if a terrorist were to go to a south american country, they could make their way south through the border. No where did i say mexico was full of terrorists.

Originally Posted by cmpcmp View Post
-"instead of keeping it under government control with the homeland" in never was under the control of the homeland, it wasn't even an american company in the first place that ran the ports.
then u posted....
I know and thats sad
How is it soo sad when ur country does the same thing? just because a foreign country runs your ports, and secutirty of the ports also, doesn't mean they are trying to get u, or that it makes you a lot more vonerable.

there your ally FOR NOW
Are you suggesting that we shouldn't do bussiness with foreign countries because we might betray them later? Thats rediculios logic. BTW dubia sells oil as only 1/20th of their GPD if thats what u were hinting at.

including securing our northern waters against you (america)
Cuz the suprise attack from the artic is coming any day now. Last time i checked america and canada were allies.

BAHAHAHAHA your a cute lil kid
you have a HUGE fit and try to have Phantom banned because hes cocky and kicks your ass easily yet when you have the false impression you have a chance of winning your an even bigger ass
-You have no idea what i look like
-"and kicks ur ass easily" me and phantom generaly agree (so far) on most of the posts we have been on, so why would either of us loose to eachother? and no one has clearly been a "victor" or "kicked anyones ass" really.
-I don't want phantom banned, i just don't like flaming, and the best way to stop it is to warn/suspend/even bann sometimes the ppl who do it.
-i didn't have a "huge fit", there was a flameless, and curseless discussion. I am trying to avoid problems before they happen.
when you have the false impression you have a chance of winning your an even bigger ass
-being an ass my saying "slap in the face (factualy)"?

let me lay out the situation as it unfolded....
YOU said
can you explain to me why Bush handed over security contracts to your largest sea ports like New York to a company based out of the Middle East instead of keeping it under government control with homeland security?
-This post definitly implies that it is not in a nations best security interests to have their ports ran by a middle-eastern company (DPW)

then I said....
4. Canada - Vancouver (run by DPW).....
if you look at the facts canada has one of their major (i assume vancuver is major) ports run by them.
-So since you (correct me if im wrong) said in the earlier quote that you need an explanation for why Bush would allow DPW to run our ports, meaning that you think that it isn't a good idea and need other convincing.

This is ironic becuase the port that is in ur same province is run by the same company, and you didn't sayanything bad about that, but later you said

I also know Harper wants to fix that but for the time being he has bigger fish to fry
-if harper gets a pass because he has "bigger fish to fry" then wouldn't Bush also get a pass? as he has metaphoricly many large fish to fry?
what do you think that america shuld do with the mexican border?
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