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Default Re: A blatant lack of friends and some more stuff...

First I'm so glad to meet you. I know exactly how you feel cause I'm schizo too. VT is the perfect place to make new friends. It hides your problems from people so they have to accept you the way you want them to see you. Perfect place for you to pratice making friends.

I started VT to help other mentals like you and me. But I found out I can make friends with normal people too.

It like this. If you keep doing the samethings you are doing today, you can only expect to get the same resuilts in the future. So you have to change. I changed a lot while on VT as I learned how to make new friends.

It helped me in the real world (actually I live in my own world of reality which is near normal).

What meds do you take? I take geodon and serquel. Works great for me. Ability is another good schizo med.

I hope we can become good friends.


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