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Default Re: Sexual predator attraction Theory??

Originally Posted by Whisper View Post
i garuntee you a zero tollerance policy would help it would work as a great deterant for them to know that they would be killed there would be no get out of jail on good behaviour
so what you mean is that if there was a law that would like kill them/put them in jail for the rest of their lives would help, since they know that if the abused child tells on them, they can get eather of this punishments??? well... yeah it might help... instead of killing them, government could isolate them from everything else, other than the food they eat... and so like this, they dont know whats happening in the world, and people thinks they dont even exist anymore... maybe even this thought would scare other pedos, and incourrage them on abusing a child...

ohh btw... this just came in mind... how about those pedos that abuse, kill (or not) and then kill themselves... see?? there will always be someone who will get away...

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