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Default Re: Mexico border issues (america)

Originally Posted by mrojas2000 View Post
im not saying that spanish makes them illegal immigrants... im saying that there are TOO MANY illegal or not immigrants...
maybe in your country i dont know anything about Italian politics or the stability and prosperity of its economy but I do know America and Canada depend on them 99.9% of the illigal immigrants that have snuck accross the mexico boarder into California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas are just there because they cant survive in Mexico they cant take care of themselves or there children so they come to america they keep out of sight, they keep there head down they work for less then the legal minimum wadge because there not an american citizen there employer isnt bound by minimum wadge laws and they work
they do the jobs that most americans dont want and america has grown not only acustom to them but is starting to depend on them theres MILLIONS of them if there forced to all leave do you honestly think that wont effect the economy?

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