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Default Re: Mexico border issues (america)

what I care about is the fact that your leaving yourself vounerable in important areas such as ports and spending billions of dollars and allot of man power to protect low threat areas. No wait i dont care about that be honest i'm more just insulted you (america) always treat us (canada) like shit and now your accusing my country of being a terrorist strong hold, thats just rude...hmmm okay lets for the sake of the debate say I give a flying fuck about you, I know, I know, hard to belive
work with me here!

Originally Posted by cmpcmp View Post
-He didn't hand it to them they bought another company.
yea that right there is the problem isnt it
your securing your side doors and leaving the front one wide open last year americas defence budget was 3/4 of a trillion dollars you have 725 american millitary bases in 130 foreign countries yet for some reason you can't keep the protection of the american people at some of the largest commercial trading ports vital to your economy and PACKED with civilians safe yourselves? yet your willing to spend billions securing boarders where no terrorists have come from and even more to have military bases in some back water countries that most americans dont even know exist?

Originally Posted by cmpcmp View Post
-BTW not all countires in the middle east are evil taliban ppl, stop generalizing.
hahaha your one to talk your saying all of Mexico is a heathonist country packed full of terrorists just itching to get into america so they can kill themselves and a few of you when none of them ever EVER
Originally Posted by cmpcmp View Post
-"instead of keeping it under government control with the homeland" in never was under the control of the homeland, it wasn't even an american company in the first place that ran the ports.
I know and thats sad
Originally Posted by cmpcmp View Post
-Dubai is one of the US's allies in the world BTW. IMO it's ignorant to lump all of the middle east together. (i know that there are labor injustices in Dubia, they are by no means perfect)
GDP - per capita: $43,400 (2005 est.)
there your ally FOR NOW all throughout Americas history you use countries there your allies while it benifits you and then if they ever piss you off or opose you you crush them or topple there government they become another threat its happened countless times meh w/e

Originally Posted by cmpcmp View Post
if you look at the facts canada has one of their major (i assume vancuver is major) ports run by them.
I know they control security at Vancouver and yes its a major west coast port
British Columbia is my home province I spent over half my life in a city just a two hour ferry ride away
I also know Harper wants to fix that but for the time being he has bigger fish to fry like the 15billion dollars hes spending on equipment for our military including securing our northern waters against you (america) and other countries like Russia who keep violating our boarder without permision

Originally Posted by cmpcmp View Post
and a little slap in the face. (factualy)
BAHAHAHAHA your a cute lil kid
you have a HUGE fit and try to have Phantom banned because hes cocky and kicks your ass easily yet when you have the false impression you have a chance of winning your an even bigger ass

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