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Originally Posted by deadpie View Post
And why does a God need to be reminded that he did a good job creating the universe? Does he really need to punish people if they aren't reminded he did a good job? I mean, what's the big importance out of it? I don't see him gaining any self confidence from having a bunch of people pray to him. He's God, I don't think self confidence is that important to him. Unless he really is a selfish and needy God, which I'm guessing he is.
I said the same thing. If he is Grand and God of the world, then he doesn't need some puny creatures that she 'created' so that they can feed his ego.

He made Angels that tirelessly pray him, fine; but then he made Human with free will, so that he can pick those who bomb themselves in his name to heaven and those who did not believed yet did a lot to humanity to hell?

Islam, to me, is getting sillier every day. Though, not as silly as the other 2 Abrahamic religions, which are hilarious religions, in my opinion.

Sorry my religious buds, but this is my view on religion now-a-days.
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