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Originally Posted by Deadly-Dreamer-X View Post
I asked the same question to my very-religious classmate. Why should I worship Allah?

He responded: There are three levels of why we worship him. The 3rd, people worship him out of fear of his punishment; the 2nd, people worship him for his heaven; the 1st and foremost, people worship him because he deserves worship, and worship him to glorify and to exalt him - this is the best form of worship.

I know you can crack this silly logic. Post it please, if you don't mind sharing it.
The first and second reasons are selfish IMO. Believing in a higher power because you don't want to burn in flames or live eternity being tortured is pathetic. Why would you even believe in such a great being if he's going to do so much horrible shit to others in the end? I mean, the "God accepts everyone" thing is complete bullshit in the instance of hell.

Then of course there's people believing in a religion so they can get to pass those shiny gates of never ending boring peace and happiness, while Grandma might be roasting in hell for eternity because she forgot to confess about the time she had sex before getting married.

And why does a God need to be reminded that he did a good job creating the universe? Does he really need to punish people if they aren't reminded he did a good job? I mean, what's the big importance out of it? I don't see him gaining any self confidence from having a bunch of people pray to him. He's God, I don't think self confidence is that important to him. Unless he really is a selfish and needy God, which I'm guessing he is.

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