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Default First Post, yada yada

Hi everyone. I'll be frequenting the tech forums and getting into a couple debates around here. Call me a lurker from a distance, my brother has been on these forums for a LONG time, and I've noticed how much time he puts into it. He's been bugging me to join for a long time, and I finally had to give in since we're no longer under the same roof and he refuses to log onto messenger. So I'll use this forum to talk to him, and start reshapping this forum to fit my own designs

BTW, you all might know my brother. He goes by "Kiros72" around here.

Plato once said there was a perfect form of everything -- a perfect dog, a perfect chair, a perfect man -- and that everything was a shadow of this one perfect form. Now, if we follow this line of thinking, that means that somewhere in the universe there is the perfect form of the perfect, absolute and complete idiot, and he left here an hour ago.

-- Gideon, Babylon 5
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