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Default Re: Mexico border issues (america)

bahahahaha its so hostile

dude the boarder security plan espically the great wall of america is being pushed through rapidly because of the upcomming election which is one of the main reasons there also putting one up in sections of the canada us boarder meaning the two are connected they dont want to seem biased towards Mexico
you know 2 + 2 = 4....yea, keepin up so far?..good boy!!!

the boarder security plan isnt to stop terrorists its to stop illigal immigrants and drugs the alquida terrorists that have you terrified of your own shadow came into america using fake passports they didnt sneak in they walked through the front door
terrorists would not and have not entered america through Canada its been proven they didnt the only terrorists that were in Canada were here to attack us spicifically Toronto, they failed miserably

And if i am wrong (i'm not) and terrorists are the MAIN REASON then can you explain to me why Bush handed over security contracts to your largest sea ports like New York to a company based out of the Middle East instead of keeping it under government control with homeland security?

The huge metal wall the ariel drones the stationary and mobile towers the planted bugs etc..... thats going up along the US Mexico boarder and the Western Canada US boarder along with a small chunk in Ontario are there mainly to prevent illigal immigrants from mexico and drugs from my home province British Columbia

the two are the same plan will be going up roughly within the same time frame and therefor are related

Personally I liked the old plan where they were going to make it a real bitch to get into north america but once you were in it would be easy to go between Canada, America and Mexico but unfortunatly for the most part that fell through
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