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Default Re: Mexico border issues (america)

Originally Posted by Whisper View Post
cmp stop provoking phantom your taking your own thread off topic befor its barley begun

Personally I dont really care that your securing the US Mexico boarder

but your also barricading up the Canada US boarder which es me off because you always seem to treat us like crap even through were aperantly one of your closest allies
plus you dont have an immigration problem with us on the contrary its always americans fleeing to canada illigally we usually dont care theres 33million of us and we have the second largest country on the planet.....we got room
meh w/e

Canadas doing the same thing in the north with the Arctic sovereignty plan
the new naval base new ships and the sensor net which has america ed right off
We are puting up a border along the canadian border? I was not aware of that, from what I heard you can just walk right over. I think it might be about ists if they slip into your country they might be able to get over the boarder. Yeah you guys have alot of land but few few people I think our moeny should be concentrated on the mexico boarder mexican gov is so weak they lost control of their own boarder. run rampant so does diesease these aliens come and take welfare and overcrowd our citys. I mean is it REALY that hard to just come legaly.

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