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Default Re: BS/proaganda videos

Let me ask you 2 questions phantom.

1) Do you think of yourself as arrogant?
2) Do you think of yourself as ignorant?
This is irelivent to the topic. If u wana discuss it some where apropriate thats fine. Not awnsering personal question doesn't have anyhting to do with the validity of an argument.
IMO (on topic)
-Prisoners are generaly guilty at least in the US, as we have a pretty good court system, this isn't to say that it is perfect in any way though.
-Prisoners are (should IMO be) in prison because they are destructive to the comunity, and must be detered in their criminal acts and or prevented form doning it again (depending on the severity of the crime and other factors)
-To drag down the states and thus the ppl's work by paying for prisoners it kind of a slap in the face. Prisoners that are able to, (not handicaped or similar) should be 'forced' to do simple jobs that aren't bad for their health or a health risk, and are beneficial to the community.
-the punnishment for not doing such tasks should be revocation or privleges of various kinds, and or increasement of prison sentence.
-also no where in the process whould any be forced to do anything that is "cruel or unusualy punishemnt". I don't consider work (depending on the work) unusualy or cuel.
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