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Originally Posted by ~Dante~ View Post
because its better than nothing. Anyone would take little income, than no income. But i think that the governent could and should provide more for adequate living
I think this is only true in some cases. If the person is on welfare, then they should have a GOOD reason for it. Such as...
-Its their first time in ..... so long on it, they got unlucky (there should be a time restriciton to prevent freeloading)
-they are disabled, and can't work, or are severly limited in their working abilities. (Ie. ppl in wheelchairs aren't readily able to get minimumwage jobs in many cases. Or a severly retarded person that is truthfully unable to maintain a job)

the point is there shuld be a system, but the system should take a good amount of care to not support freeloaders. Ppl that need it should get it, the others shouldn't it's that simple.
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