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Originally Posted by JustANaverageGUY View Post
anyone masturbated with a condom?
Yes. It feels different for a couple of reasons. 1. There is a little less stimulation because of the rubber between you hand and penis and 2. hen you cum the semen stays in the end and you can feel the warmth of it against the head.

It's also a good idea to practice putting a condom on when you are alone and relaxed before you intend to put one on for sex and are under more pressure. Once you've got it on you may as well masturbate with it on and experience that rather than just take it off again.

Originally Posted by excited teen View Post
i dnt knw about u other guys.. but i like to wank hard and fast... and my arm is just fucked up after that.. wat about yous... i like to wank at school espescially.. little excitement... one time i gt caught in the toilets by another guy i did nt knw and he joined in... wtf
Your arm gets used to it just it would from any other kind of workout. On the other hand it often feels better to make it last with stop and go or periods of fast and slow.

Originally Posted by joliver View Post
the bible says to preserve life and ejaculating causes the death of millions of sperm (this also means christians shouldnt eat yogurt). Also it says that all sperm should have the chance to create life.
So what's the alternative. If you didn't ejaculate those sperm they would just die inside you anyway and be reabsorbed. Unless you had sex of course but the bible also says you should only do that inside marriage so are you making out a case for guys to marry as soon as they can ejaculate?

Originally Posted by JhonnyHade View Post
when i masturbate at night i find it annoying how i have to have a kleenex onhand at all times to clean up my jizz. although when i do it in the day i just let my cum shoot out wherever.
but does anyone else have this problem.
No I always let it shoot free. if I am in bed at night I either kick the bed covers off or hold them out of the way so as not to get cum on them.

Originally Posted by nick View Post
All ways are good, although its hard to see how you can be rubbing your foreskin up and down without touching the head. Most of us dont have room to fit both hands on !
I think I know what he means. As the foreskin slides up and down part of it repeatedly covers and uncovers the head I have my hand on the foreskin so it is not directly touching the head but my hand is right there so there is only the foreskin between my hand and the head.

Or to put it another way my hand is going back and forward over the head but with the foreskin between so the hand and head never actually touch.

Originally Posted by Talchan View Post
I jsut figured out something guys:

There is something called post-coital depression, it is a feeling of sadness and depression after ejaculating.

So today i was masturbating, i took like 1 hour to cum, and after that, i felt terrible miserable, really really really sad. So i figured out that the longer i take to cum, the bigger is the sadness.
The term dpression may be technically correct but to most people that is probably too stong a word. There is a feeling of being relaxed and no longer horny immediately after orgasm/ejaculation which is caused by the release of a hormone during orgasm (I forget the name of it).

You may experience this as a lack of energy and in that sense it is similar to being depressed in that you don't feel inclined to jump up and get stuck into things but unlike normal depression this feeling is short lived as that hormone soon wears off.

This sense of relaxation may be one reason people like to masturbate before bed as it can prepare the way for sleep but, by the following morning, you'll have your normal energy back.

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