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Post Mexico border issues (america)

If you don't live in america you most likely won't know the specifics as americans wouldn't know the specifics of other countries individual issues. This isn't to say that there aren't underlying princibles that can be argued by anyone.

If you know..... (facts)
-The mexican border isn't "secure" in the sense that illegals can come acrross it and not get caught on a fairly regular basis.
-In America (federal law) it is illegal to cross into america with out americas consent. So 'illegal aliens' are 'illegal' no matter how you spinn it (this isn't to say that the specific law, or other circumstances associated aren't wrong in the first place)
-There is a no enforcement policy in many US cities relating to illegal aliens. Such as texan cities and im pretty sure my own (seattle).
-there are a few (2, 1,?) cities that do jail illegals and then send them home, some cities send them home, where they can come right back, to be sent home agian, and possibly again and again.

-open borders is a terrible policy
-Not alowing workers that are williing to work and imigrate, work and be a part of america simply because they weren't born here is also a terrible policy
-Open borders are dangerous, because of gang migration (to and from) and terrorism, drug smugling, weapon smugling and so on.

-We should try to establish a program that allows mexicans (and possibly others) to work here, become a citizen, and be a productive member of society. While at the same time, not let ppl such as Criminals, terrorists, and what not have a free pass in either.
-Also we should seal the border to a reasonable level that doesn't allow ppl to get across it.

-America was founded by imigrants
-America has thrived on imigration throughout the years
-yes it is true that many imigrants have been discriminated against (african, irish, asian, muslim,.....)
-(this may seem stupid) English is the historical main language of america
Ok debate away, BUT

-swear, flame, or w/e i know ppl know what is generaly regarded as acceptable or not. This has been a problem in previous posts, while some one may saysome thing offensive that doesn't mean that you should say some thing offensinve back. Im calling you out Phantom don't say hatefull things, and no one say hate full things back.
-Please don't get terribly off topic, and if it starts to, either come back, or start a new thread (for gods sake will some one make a welfare and or homelss thread?)

keep ur comments logical, don't say stuff that is irelivent, and if u provide "facts", and don't have any support for thoes facts. don't expect them to be valued, unless its something that every one accepts as true (but then there wouldn't be a problem then would there be?).

example of what you shouldn't do is person 1, you should be like person 2
(person 1) All mexicans are lazy and 98% of them are on welfare.
(person 2) where did u get this info?
(person 1) uhhhh....
(person 2) well i don't accept that information as true, it has no basis
be nice.
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