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Default Re: Nothing makes me happy anymore.

I don't know what it is, but nothing brings joy or happines to my life. not my boyfriend whom is the love of my life, not my music anymore, not my guitar or anything. i used to do alot of activites with my friends, but i moved and i dont really have any friends anymore. my only true friend dumped me because i was having some issues that she didnt understand and thought i was ditching her blahhhahs. i dont miss her but i miss the fact that i could tell her anything. now ive got no body to listen

basically my life sucks. im lost, i feel alone and im pretty damn sure im worthless because i never do anything right, i just get shit. i know i sound pathetic, and i am, i just wish i wasnt. i wish i was like the happy go lucky child i used to be. i hate feeling like this but every time i think something is going right, i fall on my ass again. im afriad to trust anyone and im afraid to even think ill ever be happy. my life is a dull routine and i just cant find happiness. everyone around me is happy and moving along with their life, and it makes me feel worse when i see others happy. maybe if they were all sad and stuff id feel better, which is horrible to say.
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