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Default Re: Sexual predator attraction Theory??

Ok, first off
Ok the only thing that has been proven how es become es

There are 2 proven options

1) The e was molested him/herself in the past and now carries on her/hes

2) Being affected by the surroundings

I would explain deeper but whoever is realy intrested just google some info up..
-Is this to say that no one is born a pedofile?
-It has been proven that some pedofiles atraction isn't just simply a normal atraction to kids, it is an iresistable urge. After being just being let out of prison some pedo's will go and directly start molestin again. It isn't a rational behavior in some ppl. It may be almost like a mental disease.

-These ppl should be locked up for good (unless there is some kind of miracle cure)
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