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Phantom, are you trying to say that there aren't any truely homelsss ppl out there, that don't get welfare? many homless ppl have mental problems that prevent them from working, others just got unlucky, Welfare alone isn't enough to buy you a house (depending on where you live, but definitly nothing to be proud of) It is true that many ppl feed off of the welfare system, but it is also true that there are ppl that should be on it that aren't, and that some ppl are too proud to be on it.

For what ever reason, there ARE truely homeless ppl that deserve our support, There are also ppl that are simply lazy bumz, but to try and generalize all of these ppl together as all lazy bums that could easily get a job but choose not to, is IMO, an iresponsible generalization and mischaracterization of vast amounts of ppl.

In order to NOT have ppl that just feed off of the system we shouldn't allow ppl to live off of it indefinitely for no good reason. but, some welfare should be premited for every one who at that point needs it, cuz ppl do truely get unlucky some times. There should also be someway that mentaly handicaped (or just generaly un able, NOT unwilling) ppl can live off of the streets also.
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