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I wnet to homecomign with this girl.. but I really just want us to be friends, I dont like her as anything more than that.

Theres this other girl. ive made a lot of posts about her here before, but I cant get over her. She's beautiful.
When I think about her my heart races, and she's the only girl Ive ever felt so strongly about.
And its not like Im distant from her, I talk to her all the time. Today we talked for 15 min and I looked into her eyes and couldnt believe how perfect she was.

I dont know, shes "sortof with someone but not really" according to all her friends. I know the guy, but I hardly ever see them when theyre together so I dont know how much "sortof" is.
God. I cant get over her. Shes amazing.
WTF should I do?
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