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Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
these "homeless" people you speak of are lazy bums that dont work. I garrentee you that those idiots holding will work for food signs live in a nicer house than you. A study was done that shows you can make up to 200 dollars a day holding up those signs and getting people sympathy. The goverment gives these people everything they need, thats why they arent . Dont be so easly manipulated.
Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Yeah where you come from. I respect your parents for what they went through. I NEVER said that everyone who gets welfare is a bum I just said that some of them are which you seem to aggre with. I said where I come from MN its imposible to not own a house because the gov will give one to you. So before you come out puting words in my mouth LEARN TO READ!

you never indicated some. You made it seem like the people who are on the streets and that have noone and are alone..are lazy bums

So dont tell people learn how to read, when you in fact never made clear what you meant.

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