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Originally Posted by -[[NeverLetGo]]- View Post
Alright...i was off of here but still browsing
and i saw this load of and had to comment on it.

Sure, there is a thing called WELFARE.
But do you know what its like to live on it?

Where I live the government doesnt give enough to live on. beats the point huh?

While I understand that SOME people abuse the welfare system because their lazy, thats not the case for ALL people.

Take my parents for example. They DID work for YEARS. Because they didn't want to live on welfare, they worked themselves to the point of physical exhaustion. My mom left school at 16 and worked until she was 40. Sometimes she might have not worked but 20 hours a week, but other times (most times) she worked 16 hours a day. Two full time jobs - because she didn't want her family to live on welfare. And my dad, much the same way. But, working close to 100 hours a week for so long eventually wears your body down. Now, with both of my parents it's all they can do to get out of bed in the morning. Now, both of my parents are disabled. My dad is an alcoholic and has seizures on a regular basis, and my mom has advanced COPD and heart disease. So what choice do we have left? I'm not of regular working age yet, so oops, I guess that's out the window. Yea?

Know what your talking about before you comment. If you've ever spent any time in your life living paycheck to paycheck, or on welfare, you wouldn't think the way you are now. And I agree with Alex, it may look easy to move off the street but I figure that it isn't. In order to get a house, you have to be able to show an address and phone number where the landlord can contact you, you have to have $ to make first month's rent, last month's, deposit, etc, plus the deposit needed to have the utilites turned on. Those are just a few of the challenges.

So, unless you know what it's like, don't act like you do. Honestly.
Yeah where you come from. I respect your parents for what they went through. I NEVER said that everyone who gets welfare is a bum I just said that some of them are which you seem to aggre with. I said where I come from MN its imposible to not own a house because the gov will give one to you. So before you come out puting words in my mouth LEARN TO READ!

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