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Default Re: Venezuelan President says he has White House informant

Originally Posted by Whisper View Post
yea thats a lie assasinating him would just draw more attention to him
bush dosent need to do anything hes killing his political carerr just fine on his own

i was watching CBC and they said the only country more dependant on Americas economy then Canada is Venezuela
Some people has told me that when they went to vzla, they heard about chavez bashing all americans and stuff... anyways, they told me that one of the most common car there was hummer... which is stupid because hummer its like one of the most american things you can find...
I also heard that most people that before lived in ranchs and stuff, are now like rich, andliving this king's life... hell yeah, if the government pays you 200 bucks just to wear a red shirt, and a red hat WHICH THEY GIVE YOU, and go walk half city screaming "VIVA CHAVEZ!! DEATH TO AMERICA!!"


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