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heya huni,
u say ur mom wont let you, have you directly asked her why? personally i started with tampons, and i dont think there uncomfortable, there much nicer to use than a pad you can move more freely, plus you can go swimming and do other sport easier, i only use a pad just incase it gets heavy, do u swim or do sport? could you argue that they would b better to use? why dont you ask her if you could try them out? like test them, see how they go? does she use them or is she totally agenst them?
hope i helped abit
cya x
my mom doesnt have a period anymore, but she used to use pads. i asked her soon after i post this forum [second try never hurts] and she say yeah, why not. no objection at all, but this is a year later so her point of view about me might've changed.

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