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Default Re: ual predator attraction Theory??

Originally Posted by mrojas2000 View Post
what the hell?? not every single pedof. is gonna abuse of a children.
if they are mature civilized persons, they are most likely NOT to do it
if they are just plain ignorant they will
being e doesnt mean you are destinated to abuse of a child... you just like them phisically... you are not meant to be a children abusing machine
Good point, butI would still prefer my babysitter for my child to NOT be attacted to kids.

Originally Posted by Hyper View Post
Ok the only thing that has been proven how es become es

There are 2 proven options

1) The e was molested him/herself in the past and now carries on her/hes

2) Being affected by the surroundings

I would explain deeper but whoever is realy intrested just google some info up..
1st if you got molested when you would young that would cause the exact OPOSITE, if somone killed someone in your family would that make you want to kill people family?
2. I guess if you lived with other pedos and they taught you their sick thinking I guess but otherwise no.

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