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Default Re: Surten individual..

Originally Posted by Whisper View Post

nobody likes a suck up tattle tale

I'm on this site everyday and as of yet I have not seen him do anything that DIRECTLY oposes the rules layed down for the site

I know your mad about the debate forum but i've seen you slam him in there aswell, which would mean you are also in violation of the rules which becomes redundant
its a debate dude, dont dish it if you cant take it

He like every other member is allowed three offical warnings by VT staff every warning issued by a staff member is reported to the rest of the staff so we can keep track
he hasent had one yet

I realise i'm comming off as an ass
and i honestly am sorry bout that
but i'm tired and your bugging me

its the debate forum man unless theres flat out racism or gay bashing gotta learn to roll with the punches

agree 100%
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