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hi, well more recently ive been seeing things, well not things more someone, i keep seeing this guy, and its really scaring me, he's scaring me, its not the 1st time this has happened, but its become so much more frequent, i recognise his voice but have no idea where from, i can see him hear him, even feel him touch me, im scared he will hurt me as he has before, that may sound so crazy, but i felt his hands around my neck and i couldnt breath, i think im loosing it, im so jumpy all the time, also, i seem to b unable to know if i really said something, i dont no how to explain it, its like ill b with some one, and im certain we are talking about something, and they will answer back but then i will actually say some thing and they will b like what are u on about?? and it turns out i wasnt talking at all, this has been happening alot, and im getting confused with whats real and what im imagening, but im adiment ive bn talking, its so confusing, is it something i should try to get help with? or am i over reacting, is this anything like schizophrenia?
any help would b great, and i can tell u more info if u need, im just so confused and kinda scared, thank you x

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