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Default Re: Sexual predator attraction Theory??

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
I disagree. Gay marrige and all that is fine, but I dont believe that people are born pedos thats just sick. If you think that you accualy are BORN like that somthings wrong with you. Its just a very sick fettish.
Hey, I'm attracted to shorter girls, some people like fat, some people like young, some people like old, the way they go about the behavior is what's so disgusting.

If they didn't do things the child didn't wish, then it wouldn't be as bad. We all seem to think children are "innocent" and asexual, but what about kids who are sexually attracted to adults? Are they bad too? What if it's consensual? Why does society consider children asexual beings, and why does society consider sex something so dirty? Then again, why do they often hurt or do things against the child's wishes? I'm not saying I support them, I'm just bringing up some points.

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