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Default Re: Help with man boobs!!

im sorry, but im american and i dont know the conversion for kg's -lbs and meters-feet. but i can give u some exercizes. if u think u have man boobs then you need to develop your pectorals more ( the muscle that shows that looks like, as you say, "real" man boobs). you can develop your pectoral by pushups. pushups arent easy for everyone but if you try and do say......50 a day then you will be getting better. you dont have to do them all at once but throughout the whole day. remember to stretch all of your muscles so they dont get knotted or cramped lots, also for situps, if you can, try also 50 a day, throughout the whole day. "man boobs" like what i think you are discribing are just fat, so you need to remember to get some cardio such as running/walking, swiming, biking etc. and start eating a bit healthier is offline