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Default Re: The bill that just passed

A canadian citizen has just been released
he was takin by america without just cause transported to another country and tortured

it seems he was innocent all along
-was he in canada when he was arested?
-was it reasonaly to think that he did it, at all, before all the facts had been played out?
-By torture do you mean physical beating, and excessive pain type stuff,
-or do you mean the stuff that is cruel or demening that has been clasified as agressive interrogation?
-if you abide strictly by the geneva convention (which the terrorist didn't sign, don't follow, and don't claim to either), we couldn't use Woman CIA interrogators of middle earstern extremists becuase it would be unnecesarily demening to to the prisoner. Do you think thats right? cuz they are sexist we have to follow what they want? Also playing Christine Agulara may also break the geneva convention. lol
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