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Default Re: Post Your Desktop Screenshot! - See First Post For A Guide

Sorry I didn't realise my post had so many questions directed to it

Originally Posted by George96 View Post
Just to clear up, they are running Parellels which runs another operating system at the same time in a concealed space, a.k.a virtual. And is it secure so things in the Virtual Machine don't get onto your computer, and is good for running Windows apps on a Mac. You can do the exact same on a PC, like run XP/Linux at the same time.

He's right to an extent
The amount windows is limited depends on what I desire
I can have it set up so the files are shared (i don't rly)
program windows can integrate seamlessly if I want or i can have it all sealed and contained
Normally I have it contained incase a virus infects my win7 its severely contained
most windows viruses can't affect a mac but if i transfer files to a friends PC it could be very bad so I want my machine to remain clean, nooo herpes for me.


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