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Default Re: Sexual predator attraction Theory??

Originally Posted by ~Dante~ View Post
If they act on their attraction to children is the problem. If in fact they are born with an attraction to kids(but do nothing about it), do we imprison them or help them?

Pedophiles are sick people, no doubt.

I believe that the laws need to change drastically in the United states when dealing with child predators. The fact that there is no national law, that it differes by state to state is a big problem, there are cases where convicted sexual predators are released from prison after only serving a few years, and im talking about repeated sexual predators. So the law def. needs to be harsher in dealing with them.

and trust me, there are people who are just plain sick out there, who wants to ruin peoples lives not because they cant help it, because they're evil.
I just read this... THIS is my point of view with pedos... the born pedos, they can't do anything about it... they are sick people, but they can't do anything about it. My only concern with them, is if they molest of abuse of children... that I'm totally against with it, like most people should... do you see my point now??
THEY ARE sick people with no doubt... but they cant help it... its not their foult... like someone at the beggining said, its like a mental illness

Originally Posted by Hyper View Post
Riiight.. The overall point is hate and spread hate.. And killing pedophiles wont realy solve anything, it will just make us all more violent and blind. And Phantom if someone doesnt approve of your views, that doesnt mean they are the reasons why these people are doing these things and why they are let out of jail so quickly.. But if you want to know where the law isnt strict at all just look at my homecountry a serial killer here who killed what.. 6-8 people I think was let out after being in jail for 5 years.. Isn't that wonderful? And all this because he was 16 while he did these things. The court system here is ridicilous and if anyone is ever caught they are practicly going to a picnic in jail. Like yes recently there was some pedophile caught here who had allegidly molested 20 children guess what not enough evidence and at the most he wouldve gotten 7 years..
No one, that I know has said anything about killing all pedos... from what I've read people only say that they deserve to die...

btw, why are laws so soft there?? I mean, molesting a child, I think its worst than killing... why? because killing -- you finish someone elses life, and its done... no more pain after it. Molesting a child -- its even worst because the child might get a disorder after that.. they wont forget what happen, all the pain, and all that.. then they are going to be scared of telling someone because whoever abused them might end up killing them, so they dont tell... then they feel bad because they think its they foult, which is not... do you imagine a lifetime like that???
its just sick

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