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Default Re: Sexual predator attraction Theory??

Riiight.. The overall point is hate and spread hate.. And killing pedophiles wont realy solve anything, it will just make us all more violent and blind. And Phantom if someone doesnt approve of your views, that doesnt mean they are the reasons why these people are doing these things and why they are let out of jail so quickly.. But if you want to know where the law isnt strict at all just look at my homecountry a serial killer here who killed what.. 6-8 people I think was let out after being in jail for 5 years.. Isn't that wonderful? And all this because he was 16 while he did these things. The court system here is ridicilous and if anyone is ever caught they are practicly going to a picnic in jail. Like yes recently there was some pedophile caught here who had allegidly molested 20 children guess what not enough evidence and at the most he wouldve gotten 7 years..

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