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Default Re: Penis Sizes - ha, lots of questions!

... No you can not suck your own penis unless you have an opperation that involves having your bottom 2ribs removed, not that i have tried. I would recomend that you didnt do that tho because you might cause yourself serious back problems.
i dont think u have to remove your bottom 2 ribs in order to be able to suck your penis, i can suck my own penis, but not all, only within an inch...
yes, i get a serious back problems for a weeks after that...
but didnt get any problems or pain for the second time

and may i request you to use edit button instead of double posting...
and post all your question in one thread instead of triple thread creating...

*sorry for any offensive

All posts and comments from anyone in VirtualTeen are considered as suggestions only and not considered as professional advise. I should say: You are advised to consult a professional doctor.

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