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Default Re: Penis Sizes - ha, lots of questions!

Originally Posted by M-Guy View Post
To da 16 yr old guys how big is your penis? And how much pubic hair do u have? And wat kind of underwear do u get? Briefs, Jocks, Boxers.....etc.

And is it true that u can suck ur own penis, and it feels really nice?? Just wat I heard.

Hi im 16, penis size varys when its soft but is usualy about 4'', when errect about 6.6'' at the most. I have quite a lot of pubic hair, its all over my body; chest, back, face, legs, arse, chest, arms and of course around my nackers etc. I vary between briefs and boxers but i only really wear briefs when im doing sport, sometimes i dont wear any at all. Most of the time i wear boxers. No you can not suck your own penis unless you have an opperation that involves having your bottom 2ribs removed, not that i have tried. I would recomend that you didnt do that tho because you might cause yourself serious back problems.
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