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Default Re: Sexual predator attraction Theory??

Originally Posted by Whisper View Post
You have no idea what your talking about little one
You have no idea what there like
What they do to you
How they hurt you not just physically but how they lash out at your very soul infecting you with guilt, self hatred, depression and uncontrolable rage you have NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT ITS LIKE

Did your mommy every drop you off at a babysitters when you were 5 fucking years old?
just a babysitter someone who has many great refrences lots of other kids and seems so nice on the surface
did he like you more then the rest?
did he lead you into a room and over power you?
did he attack you?
touch you?
hurt you?

There is no prision
there is no rehabilitation
they DO deserve to die
I'm not fucking talking about people who hurt children... I fucking agree with you that there's nothing we can do to those people... they so deserve to die and burn in hell.
I'm just talking about people who have a phisical attraction to children, thats all... what if it was YOU the one who was gay... or liked children??? you can't fucking do anything about it, so, you like it or not, you like children phisically, and you can't do a shit about it... thats all I'm talking about... I was never defending thus who hurt children, and do immaginable things to them... hell no, that people deserve to burn in hell for eternity. It's just that pedos can't control themself on their likings... they SHOULD be able to control themselves on abusing a child... I do agree with you that they should all die.
There's nothing worst than abusing of a child or a women...

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