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Default Re: ual predator attraction Theory??

Originally Posted by ~Dante~ View Post
If they act on their attraction to children is the problem. If in fact they are born with an attraction to kids(but do nothing about it), do we imprison them or help them?

s are sick people, no doubt.

I believe that the laws need to change drastically in the United states when dealing with child predators. The fact that there is no national law, that it differes by state to state is a big problem, there are cases where convicted ual predators are released from prison after only serving a few years, and im talking about repeated ual predators. So the law def. needs to be harsher in dealing with them.

and trust me, there are people who are just plain sick out there, who wants to ruin peoples lives not because they cant help it, because they're evil.
They are not born like that. Its people that think they cant help it let them go so easly.
I swear the penatly for abusing a kid like that should be death.
Abuse like that will literaly destroy a kid and ruin their life.

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