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My opinion is: both sides are fanatics.
How does that not make sense? Jeez.

I'm sorry I must have worded it wrong before.

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Everybody Stfu About The F*cking Fanatic Thing!!! Its Been Going On For Like 2 Pages Ffs!! You Are Not A Fanatic If You Bash Religions For Utter Stupidity Of Them! Makod You F*cking Bash Christianity All The F*cking Time!! Dosnt That Make You A Fanatic!!!
This made me lol, I'm surprised you all "respect" and "appreciate" these kinds of outbursts.
Originally Posted by Whisper View Post
oh so were supposed to just lay down and let them kick us around? murder inocent people, treat women like shit, attack scientists and real cold hard facts
go to war against "evil" leading to tens of thousands of deaths?

yet were the fanatics? fool
Ok... so.... when did I say defending yourself makes you a fanatic?
I'm sorry, it's the people who make sweeping judgements of religions who are also fanatics (along with religious fanatics). For example: Phantom

And so we ignore the beggar's cup
Praise your act in the Grand Finale
Teach the unborn the winners sign
a welcome grin to the world Royal

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