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Default Shower Accident

One day it was the first day I had taken a shower in gym. I was taking a shower and I was proud of myself because I had a 11 in dick(I am 13). Then my best friend walked in and he saw my 11 in. dick and I saw his 13 in dick. I was in love with his and I could tell he was in love with mine. Our dicks immediately went erect. Every one was laughing at us and I figured nothing could go any worse so I started sucking his dick. He started sucking mine also. Now we go over to each others houses a ton and every so often we have sex or masturbate together. It is not him I like but his giant dick. Also, before the incident, all girls treated me like dirt. But now, they keep on asking me out and wanting sex from me. They even "accidentaly" flash their boobs at me and then I go hard(everyone waits for the moment). Am I gay? Should I take my friend as a boyfriend? Should I stop fucking his dick? Should I go out with and have sex with one of the girls that want some from me?
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