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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Well at first I started to get strong feelings for two of my best-friends. I thought it was strange so I kept it to myself even though some of my friends were bi and lesbains. I continued to have strong feeling for one for them. I still liked both but, I felt closer to her, I could tell her anything her name is Jasmine. One day all three of us were at Jasmine's house. We played truth or dare (of course we are teenage girls). We had silly dares, untill I was dared to kiss one of them (it was my choice of who). I decided to chicken out, but after my other friend left me and Jasmine were talking. After another month or two, I was at Jasmine's house (I hung out with her alot) and I finally told her I liked her, she wasn't surprised that I was bi. She was dating someone and never said she liked me so I pretended like I didn't like her. I had gotten a boyfriend he knew that I had feelings for girls (he of course thought it was hot) then he cheated on me with one of my closest frineds. Jasmine was there to comfort me like always. After about a month I was at her house again, we were in her room talking like usual. I don't know why, but she kissed me. At that moment I knew I was bi (well actually lesbain but back then I still liked guys)

Sometimes in the roughest parts of life you need someone to talk to so if you need someone to talk to you can talk to me.I am gay and christian and I do not care if you think I am weird.
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