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Default Re: Sexual predator attraction Theory??

I think its utter BULLSHIT there sick in the fucking head and should all be killed!
There are NO excuesses
there are NO natural reasons
it IS there fault
they ARE fucked up and i DESPISE all of them!!!!!!

Originally Posted by mrojas2000 View Post
I think you're right... like you said, it's like being gay. You born gay, and you can't do anything about it... pedophile people BORN pedophile, and they can't do anything about it... of course, being the law so strict with child porn, and child sexual abuse, they should try to hold themeselves not to do it... they just have to try not to do things to childs, and get themeselves young girls, that look even younger, for their own fetish...
What they do it's wrong, but they can't do anything about it... unfortunatelly they were borned like that, and they cant change their likes/dislikes even if they wanted to... people just have to let it be, and hold themselves...

thats sick
you obivously have NO idea what your talking about so shut the hell up
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