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Default Re: Abortion Yes or No

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This might sound a little harsh but I think we kind of need abortion. If we didn't have it then our population would grow even faster than in already is. If our population grows faster then we may not be able to support everyone. We will have more poverty than we have now. You really need to think about someone other than yourself before you have a kid. Pregnancies can affect more than just you.
lol lol lol lol,

the CIA fact book

Total fertility rate (USA): 2.09 children born/woman (2006 est.)
SO the .045 extra children per person need to be purged? (woman are only half the popultaion so 2.09/2= 1.045 1.045-1=.045 .045)

wow, and its falling.....
the "bump" is the baby boom after WWII.

note the 2 graph use a differnent measurement for the y-axis
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