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Default Re: Sexual predator attraction Theory??

Do you think that the attraction these men and some women have to little children is natural? Meaning that they cannot help being attracted to children.
Natural has nothing to do with it, roads aren't natural but u still use them, don't you? being unnatural doen't mean anything as far as right and wrong goes (unless there are other reasons to support your position).

-there is still debate about what causes pedophilia, but from what iv read/heard, some ppl are born a pedofile, like some ppl are born straight and some are born gay.
-the "hot" topic is wether being sexualy abused as a child will make you a pediofile. It really has nothing do do with pediophilia (as far as the general public is concered about voting issues, and social issues), as it has to do with homosexuality. but.... were not talking about that.

according to some...
Some individuals[12][13], such as Dr. Fred S. Berlin[14][15], assert sexual attraction to children to be a sexual orientation in itself. Berlins asserts, "I think it can be both a disorder and an orientation."[16] Dan Markussen, spokesman for Danish Pedophile Association, argues that "sexual orientation is defined as a lifelong attraction, which pedophilia obviously is."
such as Dr. Fred Berlin, believe pedophilia can "indeed be successfully treated," if only the medical community would give it more attention.[14] The reported success rate of modern "reparative" treatment on pedophiles is very low.[29] A study by the Council on Scientific Affairs found that the success rate of aversion therapy was parallel to that of homosexual reparative therapy.[30]

If you are born with something is it natural? maybe.
-but 'natural' things can be bad
-and unnatural things can be bad
---it really dosn't matter, what does is the actual thing/action.
What do i think personaly?
-pediophiles have one of the highest resididism rate (commiting a similar crime again) out of all offenders. For the intereset of public saftey, if they can't be treated (with a good rate of success), and can't be properly contained in normal society, they must be kept apart so that no ones children have to be raped needlessly (i am NOT saying that any one needs to be raped BTW).
-I know that some pediafiles are 'worse' than others, but if u molest/rape/(w/e) a child (pre pubesent) becuase you are a pediafile and you are very likely to do it agian, you should never be lets out of prison, ever.
-there is no sense putting some one in a situation that they mentaly aren't likely to be able to stop themselves from doing again.

-if there is something the medicine comes up with that can 'fix' some one (hormone replacement or w/e they come up with in the future.) and it has a very good cure rate, then yes they sould be let out after serving a normal prison term.
-If someone is a pediofile they have a moral obligation to tell who ever, so that they can be treated/made so the they don't come in to contact with children.
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