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Originally Posted by hatelovelive View Post
Yeah I know but you would think people would maybe, just maybe try and find out what it is about. Genuine question to Satanists and people that know about LaVeyan Satanism: why is it actually called Satanism?
I wish more people were like that actually :/ I love learning about religions, whether I believe in them or not. Whenever I meet someone of a different religion, I usually ask if they'd just talk to me for a while about it, if they're willing. Though I've only had one person ask this of me

LaVey explains it to be mainly because it scares away the people that he wouldn't want to be a part of the religion. If we called it something more socially accepted, and everyone knew about our values, it would be a lot more crowded and there would be more... invalid Satanists

In the introduction to The Satanic Bible, Magus Gilmore says the following:

"The identification that Satanists have with Satan is an intentional barrier against those who cannot resonate with this sinister archetype."

I also see it as an identification with the original definition of Satan, the "opposer" or "adversary," which really isn't anything evil unless he's the adversary of God. A Satanist is kind of the adversary of Christianity, or religion in general rather.

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