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Default Re: communism(discuss)

With good comes bad, and vice versa; there is no government that will, or could, ever satisfy everyone's needs or wants.

Originally Posted by cmpcmp View Post
No u don't understand.
-If u think that all governments fail equaly, then you don't understand the concept of equality.
-Not all governemnts are the same, so differnet things happen,
-none are perfect but some are definitely 'better' than others.

-is democracy a "lesser evil" than 'hardline islamic theocracy'?
-if you think that they are both equaly faulted i question your judgement.

-they aren't the same thing (democracy, and theocracy) so they produce different results, and different problems. So, one CAN be a lesser evil because thay are different form eachother.
All I see here is a wall of opinions. But I digress, the world consists mostly of opinions.

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