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Default Re: communism(discuss)

Did you not understand? All governments fail equally.

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Yeah for a bum that dosnt want to work. We have a thing called welfare (for some odd reason the libs wanna give more of it out) you cant work because you have a disablity you get welfare, hell you are a lazy bum that dosnt wanna work you can get welfare. There is no such thing as a not so well off person in a sense, sure you can be born rich but thats just because the people before you worked hard to make that moeny. If you work hard get an education accualy try you will be just fine. at least in my state it is impossible to be homeless because of the welfare, we have tons of people that just mooch of welfare which comes from the people that work hard.
Heh, ok so bums are lazy, you ever talk to one?

And so we ignore the beggar's cup
Praise your act in the Grand Finale
Teach the unborn the winners sign
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