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Default Re: communism(discuss)

Actually, no, all governments are faulted in the same way, there is no "lesser evil."

And, no, capitalism does not work for everyone; it may work for you, but people who are not well off in our society would beg to differ.
-Capitalism is faulted
-C-A is faulted
-they aren't faulted in all of the same ways

WHat im saying is that a true C-A gov, wouldn't 'work' hardly at all, to todays first world standards. Democratic Capitalism does.
-if you want to argue that C-A would work reasonably well, then argue that, (you aren't doing that right now)
In capitalism ppl that inherit, and can afford a better education are better off. Even the poorest of poor in america can get a job, any one who is willing to work (asuming that it isn't a depression at the time) can get a job some where. Ppl are always looking for more workers that do a good job. From there you can work your way up, sure if ur unlucky this may never happen, but if you work hard, you will be in high demand, and thus move up on the ladder to some where that you are more usefull.

the whole point is that there are ppl born on the bottom, the middle the top and every where inbetween. If you are born high and are a terrible worker at w/e you do, you will probly get fired and move down, and some one lower will move up and take your place. A good example is my grand father, who's father was a junkyard owner and was very poor. Through hard work and investment, he has worked his way all of the way up to the top of the ladder. Was he lucky? yes, was it coincidental? no.

If there is no reason to try and 'climb the ladder' whats the point of even working in the first place? you were born on the middle of the ladder, you will live on the middle of the ladder, and you will die on the middle of the ladder no matter what you do

-is this =? yes,
-is it fair? no way. If you work hard all of youor life, guess where you will be? in the middle if you are a lazy shit guess where you will be? in the middle
if u argue that a C-A would 'work' up to todays standards of :
-and every thing else, then argue that, don't just tell me they are the same becuase they are both flawed, CUZ they are different, but both are flawed.
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