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Default Re: communism(discuss)

Guys, every system of government is flawed no matter what you think, deal with it folks.
-exactly what i have been syaing, and it is because humans are 'imperfect', so the only systems that work at all are ones that have built in mechanisms to deal with the unfortunate properties of human behavior/being.

-my argument isn't that C-A is imperfect and that capitalism is.

-neither are perfect, but capitalism can, and does work.

-Any form of government that expects that humans will do stuff and work hard to get the exact same thing as they would have doesn't make any sense

-IMO a C-A society would fail, and the only way to have it not fail, is to make it more like a representative domacracy (capitalistic), and then you really don't have a C-A.

Capitalistic R-D is the lesser of all evil that are Functioning governments.
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